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About Us

About Us

Who are the Stick Carriers?

You’ve no doubt heard about the Stick Carriers… but for a little bit of background, watch the inspiration for the movement below from our very own head coach Dirk Koetter!

Straight from the Godfather himself. Speak Softly… and carry that Big Mothereffin’ stick!

The Stick Carriers are a group a hardcore, dedicated and fanatical bunch of Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. We root for the Bucs and all things.

This website is a completely free place for Stick Carriers to join and connect. We recommend you check out our forum and sign up for an account to talk to other Stick Carriers. We’ll be putting out Stick Carrier events, meetups and ways to get involved inĀ  the biggest fan movement in Tampa Bay Buccaneers history.

While we run like a tight tribe, we are not exclusionary. We welcome ALL Bucs fans to join our ranks. The more the better!

Let’s Go Bucs